Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments:

Our #1 recommendation for non-surgical cosmetic treatments is MS. MS is a simulated “second skin” that applies easily. It can be precisely matched to one’s skin tone and color using advanced pigmentation scanning methods designed to perfectly reproduce a pigment to match your skin. We recommend MS to people dealing with vitiligo, skin burns, and depigmentation of the skin. It also works well for covering up tattoos for an extended period of time. MS is entirely waterproof and does not rub off on to clothes, linens, fabrics or other people. Microskin vitiligo makeup was featured on Dr. Oz, Oprah and other popular television shows in America, even though the product originates from Australia. You can see MS’s segment on “The Doctors” below:


Hair Growth Vitamins

We also carry and sell Everlong’s Super Hair Growth Formula. We believe these vitamins are the best way to support longer, stronger, healthier hair growth. Everlong hair growth vitamins receive excellent reviews and ratings and are sold both online and in stores. The formula is created from 27 of the most researched vitamins on hair growth and includes Biotin along with other essential b-vitamins and minerals. We highly recommend this product because so many of our clients started asking us for easier ways of growing their hair fast. Instead of performing weird cosmetic procedures on the hair, we instead recommend making Everlong part of your everyday routine.