Providing the very best surgical and non surgical cosmetic treatments in the UK:


thecosmeticclinicsignEstablished for over 15 years and conveniently located in both King’s Lynn and Peterborough, The Cosmetic Clinic specializes in conducting both surgical and non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures in a professional and comfortable environment. With our long years of experience in cosmetic surgery procedures, we know it’s all about confidence; certainty in us but more importantly, we’re here to help you boost your own self-confidence. We offer the latest cosmetic procedures using state-of-the-art equipment and inviolable techniques. From the latest in skin regeneration and wrinkle treatments to pain-free laser hair removal, we can deliver a more self-assured and younger-looking you. For more information on the treatments we offer, browse the relevant pages on this website or call one of our clinics on the numbers above. We would be delighted to chat through your situation and learn about your preferences between plastic surgery and non-invasive treatments to deliver a plan which is fully tailored to suit your requirements.


Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments:

Our #1 recommendation for non-surgical cosmetic treatments is Microskin. Microskin is a simulated “second skin” that applies easily. It can be precisely matched to one’s skin tone and color using advanced pigmentation scanning methods designed to perfectly reproduce a pigment to match your skin. We recommend Microskin to people dealing with vitiligo, skin burns, and depigmentation of the skin. It also works well for covering up tattoos for an extended period of time. Microskin is entirely waterproof and does not rub off on to clothes, linens, fabrics or other people. Microskin vitiligo makeup was featured on Dr. Oz, Oprah and other popular television shows in America, even though the product originates from Australia. You can see Microskin’s segment on “The Doctors” below:

Hair Growth Treatments:

For all natural hair growth, we recommend using Everlong Hair Skin and Nails vitamins. It’s created from 27 of the best hair growth ingredients. Each ingredient in Everlong’s formula was hand selected from leading hair studies. The formula includes Biotin, B-Complex Vitamins, PABA, Inositol, Vitamin C, & Vitamin D.